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Leopard customs

A unique operation was carried out by the employees of our company, namely, the customs clearance of a leopard for the Shkotovsky safari park.

The Safari Park employees learned about the peculiarities of customs clearance of the animal only upon Leo's arrival in Vladivostok. Thanks to the efficient and well-coordinated work of our team, Leo's release was allowed within an hour after filing the declaration, so the leopard did not have to have dinner at the customs post;)

Far Eastern leopard Leo M31 arrived at the seaside safari park from the Prague Zoo. After a long journey, the predator first saw his new home - an extensive aviary and a "two-room" shelter with a den and a "dining room".

Far Eastern leopard Leo M31 was born at the Prague Zoo on November 25, 2013. Now he is a healthy 50-kg male, young, handsome and graceful.

Leo M31 is one of the “cat elite” of the rarest representatives of its family, wears a special identification chip and participates in the European Far Eastern leopard breeding program. Experts and coordinators decide the fate of such animals. Taking care of the genetic diversity of the population and healthy offspring, they decide where the predator will live and reproduce.