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Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding Department
Roman Koval
Head of Department
+7 (423) 272-82-35,
249-68-49 int. 212

Vladivostokvneshtrans Forwarding Co. LTD organizes all kind of international and in-Russian deliveries by any kinds of transport, renders all types of accompanying logistic and consulting services.  The full range of services allows to satisfy all customers’ needs with the minimum expenses of time and costs.

The direct contracts with ports, carriers and agents of lines allow to find optimum routes, to choose optimum kind of transport depending on character of freight, geography of route and the customer's wishes.

Our experts qualification and experience allows to provide delivery of non-standard, including dangerous freights, all kinds of transport, including shipping of bulky (oversized) and heavy freights by vessels of the class HEAVY LIFT.



 Multimodal goods transportation
Optimum scheme, organization of transportation by all kinds of transport, common contract, reduction of terms and expenses
 Transportation of general, bulky, heavy and large-capacity goods
Transportations of construction equipment, industrial equipment, large-size and bulk cargoes
 Container goods transportation
Organization of  goods delivery in containers (dry and special containers, refrigerators, thermoses), insurance, safety guarantee, general agreements with the container lines MAERSK, FIT (FESCO), HMM, SASCO,  direct contracts with container terminals
 Automobile goods transportation
Complex decisions in the sphere of road haulage: own park of tracks, organization, transportation, insurance and customs cleaning
 Air goods transportation

Processing, storage and the organization of air transportation by our divisions at the airports
 Rail goods transportation
Overload and transfer organization, forwarding of goods at border railway stations and terminals
 Shipping of goods

Booking of places on linear vessels, chartering of vessels under transportation of various goods, payment of sea freight, transfer, processing, storage, customs registration and goods forwarding
 Dangerous goods transportation
Observance of special requirements of safety, existence  of the qualified personnel and transport