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Customs clearance and foreign trade activities

Department of Customs services
Valeria Zakharkina
Deputy General Director
+7 (423) 2-977-343,
249-70-47 int. 205

Vladivostokvneshtrans Forwarding Co. LTD has the certificate on inclusion in the Register of customs brokers No. 0314/00 from 04.03.2011 given out to FCS of Russia.

Today our organization received the bank guarantee in a size of 500 000 euros and remains in the list of customs brokers of Russia.


We provide the following services:




Customs clearance
Licensed customs broker complex of services in airports, seaports, road and railroad
Customs registration of air cargo and parcels
Licensed customs broker complex of services in the airports, registration of air cargo, parcels, commercial goods.
Warehouse services and rent of the areas
Responsible storage, warehouse logistics and processing of goods, searching of the heated and not heated warehouses, rent warehouses of temporary storage and customs warehouses with the subsequent placement of goods and vehicles.
Outsourcing of foreign trade activities,
contract holder services

Services in foreign trade activities
Consulting on legal questions in the international cargo delivering, to foreign economic activity and marketing, preliminary declaring
 Goods certification
Create certification services, obtaining with needed allowing documents