General Director of Vladivostokvneshtrans took part in the 19th annual RAPP meeting in San Diego, California


The Russian American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) is a bilateral forum engaging the private-sector and government to identify and address barriers to business and commerce between the Russian East and the United States. Committed RAPP volunteers, private-sector partners, and government representatives collaborate to expand opportunity between Russia’s East and the western United States.

The U.S. and the North Pacific Rim represent a leading economic region in the world; rich in resources and human capital with prospects for tremendous growth. As economic relations between the United States and Russia accelerate, more opportunities emerge for greater cooperation between the Russian East and the Western U.S. It is RAPP’s purpose to support and promote these opportunities through public and private partnerships for mutual benefit.

9-10 September, 2014: 19th Annual Meeting Russian American Pacific Partnership, San Diego, California. The meeting of 70 participants demonstrated that in times of difficult bilateral relations, the Russian Far East and the West Coast of the United States afford a wide array of opportunities for constructive dialogue on areas of mutual interest and benefit. The Summary Report of the meeting is forthcoming and will be posted on this site.

General Director of the company Tatyana Konko was appointed as moderator of the section "Trade and Transport", during works the report for the governments of two states "About opportunities of mutual cooperation between Russia and the USA" was prepared. Participants of a meeting signed the appeal to the U.S. Government with a request for cancellation of sanctions.